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ADF visits the office of the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) in Sao Paulo Brazil:

The ADF was recently invited to Sao Paulo Brazil by the ANAC to present and discuss FAR Part 121 flight dispatching within the United States . Part of the discussion was about the current dispatching practices and a US way of doing business within a AOC/OCC. The event was attended by both Pilots, Dispatchers, flight followers, and Operational Personal. The presentation revolved around a "Single Level of Safety" and "Operational Control" between a PIC and Aircraft Dispatcher which currently exist in the US offering thre traveling public Safety, Security, and Economic Savings.

"This was a great opportunity to educate South Americana Dispatchers/Flight Officers on a US Aircraft Dispatchers point of view emphasizing on Pilot/Dispatcher communication offering "Operational Control" for every flight reinforcing other dispatch organizations such as EUFALDA and IFALDA's that global harmonization of Aircraft Dispatching is needed worldwide."



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