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“ The pressure’s always on for you. Passengers rarely realize it. Sometimes even the ground and flight crews may not fully appreciate the highly complex planning process you perform. Our team is proud to support you as you strive to achieve the highest levels of safety and performance in the air. From all of us at Avtec, thank you for placing your trust in Scout™ dispatch technology. We look forward to continued collaboration to develop the most robust and flexible software possible for all that you do to meet the requirements of FAR 121.99.”

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eTT Aviation’s SkedFlex Flight Planning became part of the SkedFlex Air Operations Suite when

Eagle Cap Software was purchased in 2020. The mission critical element of flight planning and

dispatching was essential to complete the suite and the Eagle Cap system presented a great

opportunity to be able to offer this capability. The initial focus was on US domestic operators,

and now the system is being augmented to meet the needs of long haul and international


Using the latest technology and optimization methodologies, SkedFlex Flight Planning is

designed to find the optimum route and altitude profile to ensure that the flight is operated in

the most cost-effective and safe way.

Administrator Console

The web-based Administrator Console is where roles, users, and policies are setup to configure

the system to adapt to each operator’s requirements.

User Interface

The UI is highly configurable, allowing Flight Planners and Dispatchers to set up their

environment to accommodate their own processes and workflow.

The Hub

The Hub is the integration point for the system. An open architecture allows for easy

integration with other systems.

Flight Plan Engine

The Engine calculates the optimized flight plan based on user inputs, wind, and temperature

data, along with any constraints that must be considered.


With flexible configuration capabilities and a budget friendly price, SkedFlex Flight Planning offers an

affordable, robust, and modern solution.

Our customers say it best:

“During the implementation and acceptance testing we were impressed with the ease of

setting up and configuring the system along with the accuracy of the flight plans being

calculated. Now, dispatching our 121 flights is much easier and faster and the results are more

accurate than ever before.” Dan Perich, Dispatch & Scheduling Manager at Empire Airlines


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