Airline Dispatchers Federation.
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General information:  

You must be a participant in Cockpit Access Security System (CASS) participation to ride on UPS.

Aircraft Dispatchers have always been included in the program, which was developed after 9/11 to allow offline jumpseaters to again occupy the cockpit jumpseat.

If your employer participates in CASS, in order for you to ride in the actual jumpseat on another participating airline, you must be in the database (your employer takes care of this), and you must have (and travel with) a valid passport.  Some airlines do not require the passport, but it's best to carry it with you at all times.

UPS does not allow international travel for offline jumpseaters

Airline specific information:

To find out schedules for UPS flights, go to:

The results page from your search will show the phone number to call to list, which is (800) 228-CREW.  When you list, ask for the telephone number of their office at the departure and arrival airports, in case you need help with directions.

You may be asked to occupy a seat in the courier area, aft of the cockpit.  

If you are transiting their hub in Louisville (SDF), ask your crew, on the van ride from the aircraft, to direct you to jumpseat check in for your connecting flight.