Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.
This month's VOR is located at a regional airport in the U.S. with airline service.

The nearby city for which it is named is itself named after a county in another state, but it sounds like a beverage.

The airport is owned and operated by an institution of higher education.

image4photo by Manuel de Alba

Answer: CMI - Champaign

This month's winners:
1.  Keith Holloway
2.  Ryan Heath - American Airlines
3.  Kenneth Dechmerowski - National Airlines
4.  Adam Gutterman
5.  Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
6.  Matthew Schweizer - Northern Air Cargo
7.  Adam Schweber - Jeppesen-Sanderson Inc.
8. Anthony Gaines
9.  Richard P. Martin - American Airlines
10.  Jose Munoz