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Site Updates - Updated 06/30/2014 


Are YOU ready for the 2014 Airline Dispatch Summit?  Hotel registration available now, more details soon to come!


2014 July VOR Quiz

2014 July Vor



Test your knowlege of this VOR here.

The ADF Summer Business Meeting will be held on July 26th in Seattle  from 1300-1700.

Click here for details


 Click here for more details (membership required)

ADF will join ALPA, AFA, APFA, A4A, NATCA, NTSB and other professional groups attending FAA's ACT events in Washington DC. April 14-16, 2014.

Please read attached letter here from FAA's Administrator and Associate Administrator for Safety for more information regarding this very important meeting.  


ADF Attending/Presenting at NATCA CFS Events in LasVegas.


Every year approximately 1000-1500 ATC Controllers gather discussing issues in our industry at their NATCA Communication for Safety events. 
This year ADF was asked to present at their March 24-26, 2014 educating those ATC Controllers in attendance on Aircraft Dispatchers "Roles and Responsibilities"
"Along with the Captain and Aircraft Dispatchers sharing  "Joint Responsibility", educating and communicating with ATC Controllers on Aircraft Dispatchers daily roles and responsibilities is key to insuring a "Triangle of Safety" every day, 24/7, 365 days a year for our traveling public" ADF's President Joe Miceli commented.
"ADF looks forward to this great opportunity discussing issues while also learning ATC Controllers daily challenges that our group may be unaware of"    
More information on NATCA CFS events can be found here.



ADF Awards ACT Scholarship
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Congratulations ADAM Wickert-UAL Load Planner 
At ADF's Safety Symposium in LAS on October 8, 2013, Adam Wickert was awarded ACT's fully funded scholarship to acquire his Dispatch Certificate! 
Applying for scholarships does payoff…  Adam was recently selected and currently in training as a UAL Aircraft Dispatcher! 
ADF will continue to promote future education in our Class and Craft as Aircraft Dispatchers. 
(special thanks to ACT's with their generous donation of education)
Follow our website for more scholarship posting opportunities to acquire a Dispatch Certificate in 2014! 
(click here for the latest FAA approved schools offering aircraft dispatch certification) 


ADF continues to partake in weekly Telcons with the ACAC Group. (FAA Airport Construction Advisory Council)

More information on this important issue can be found here.

Those ADF members interested in participating in this important committee, please contact Joe Miceli.

 ADF participating in Airport Construction Notams project with FAA, ACAC, ALPA, ATC Controllers, and other agencies.

ADF joined FAA's Airport Construction Notam's Group as a SME offering suggestions trying to simplify, shorten NOTAMS issued for Aircraft Dispatchers.

The following link developed offers a glimpse of work done.

As this Notam product evolves, please feel free to offer feedback to with any suggestions on improvements you would like to see. Hopefully this product can be a tool to help assist Aircraft Dispatchers in making the best possible decision daily, for their operation.

 Transportation official: LightSquared 'not compatible' with flight-safety devices:

Transportation deputy secretary John Porcari told a House subcommittee on Wednesday that LightSquared's planned wireless network is "not compatible" with flight-safety GPS devices used in commercial aircrafts.

He told lawmakers on the House Transportation and Infrastructure's subcommittee on Aviation that LightSquared would disrupt GPS systems that pilots use to help them navigate in low altitudes, including devices that warn them when they are getting too close to terrain. The Hill Hillicon Valey Blog (2/8), Bloomberg (2/8)

 ADF has Submitted it's Response to the FAA's NPRM/SNPRM:

We have submitted our official response to the FAA's NPRM/SNPRM. The deadline for submitting responses was September 19th, 2011.

To read the response in it's entirety click here.

Early Flight Dispatch History:

Click here to read more about the early history of our profession.


ADF visits the office of the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC)

ADF visits the office of the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) in Sao Paulo Brazil to attend and present information about United States FAR 121 AOC/OCC Dispatching Practices. For more information on click here.


ADF Responds to FAA NPRM on Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Operations:

Click here to read ADF's Response to the FAA's NPRM on Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Operations.


NextGen Reporter attends ADF Symposium:

NextGen Reporter Brian Kalish atteneded and reported from this years ADF Symposium in Washington, D.C.

Click hereto read his report.

Who Determines When Airways Are Safe From Ash?

A recent article on highlights the decision making process when it comes to operating flights in active volcano areas. Click here to read the article.