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2009 May VOR Quiz

VOR Quiz

May 2009 VOR Trivia Quiz

Contest submitted by: Phil Brooks



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  1. This month's navaid is named after a city.

  2. It's near the local airport, but doesn't share the same identifier. That airport doesn't have airline service or military activity anymore, but it does have International status, and has a TRACON and a full-time FAA-staffed ATC tower.

  3. You'd think by its name that it would be on a hill or a mountain.

  4. The city USED to share a nickname with the large tourist destination close to last month's VOR location.

  5. Lastly, this town is the final destination for some very bad people.


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This month's winners:

answer: Terre Haute (TTH) 

  Jim Hanson -

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