Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.

The Airline Dispatchers Federation is the only national organization representing the professional interests of the dispatch profession.   ADF's constituency is comprised of licensed aircraft dispatchers and operational control professionals from 100 aerospace companies including every major U.S. airline.   ADF's membership as of August 2016 stood at 2,200 members.  It has been estimated that approximate 92% of airline passengers traveling each day in the United States, do so under the watchful eye of ADF members.

The ADF is an all volunteer organization (all working dispatchers) and in accordance with our bylaws is an advocacy organization for working dispatchers and not a labor organization.

Contact Info

Airline Dispatchers Federation

locations 2020 Pennsylvania Ave Nw #821
Washington, DC 20006
phone (800) OPN-CNTL