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2018 Summit Thank You
I would like to thank everyone involved with 2018 Summit, from attendees and presenters to volunteers and sponsors.  What a great opportunity to get together and what treat to come to the windy city.  We owe a debt of gratitude to our friends at United and PAFCA-UAL who made the event truly extraordinary.  They graciously welcomed us into the NOC and then knocked our socks off hosting us on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower.  We had record support from our sponsors who make this event possible and a record number of volunteers to pull it all off.  In spite of some daunting challenges that were well beyond our control, I am grateful to everyone who supported ADF and the 2018 Summit.

We enjoyed participation, either in person or by proxy, from most of our Delegates at the Annual Meeting.  I congratulate Dustin McDonald and Debbie Kowalewski who were elected to the Executive Vice President and Secretary positions respectively.  I welcome them to the Executive Board and look forward to serving with them.

Summit attendees will receive a Survey Monkey link shortly.  Please take time to share your thoughts and feedback.  This information is tremendously helpful in planning for 2019.  And speaking of 2019, watch this space.  Details for the 2019 Summit will be announced soon.

Thank you. Our future success depends upon your support and participation.



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