Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.

Dispatcher's Creed

Upon my honor I pledge that I shall conscientiously exercise the rights and duties conferred upon me as a certified dispatcher with primary concern for the safety of the lives and preservation of the property affected by my decisions. In the performance of my duties I shall never approve the operation of a flight which in my considered opinion is hazardous.

I PLEDGE, also, to follow with unremitting attention the progress of each flight under my control. I shall be alert to warn the captain of unforeseen meteorological developments, unexpected losses of navigational aids or sudden changes in traffic and field conditions which might adversely affect the successful completion of his trip. In addition, I shall be prepared to offer, unsolicited, an alternative plan of action to him when the original plan cannot be followed. In an emergency, I shall be prepared to make full and immediate use of the facilities available to me to aid the stricken flight.

I PLEDGE, finally, to keep pace with the latest advances in the science of aeronautics and supplementary fields of study relevant to my responsibility so that my competency as a dispatcher which depends upon knowledge of such subjects will be maintained.