Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.

What they're saying

Here's What Some Very Important Folks Have to Say About the Dispatch Profession.

1993 Symposium: ADF hosted a Safety Symposium with over 200 in attendance. Mr. Herb Kelleher, President and CEO of Southwest Airlines stated "Dispatcher's are the heart of the Airline".

"Single Level of Safety" Congressional Hearing- ADF was invited to testify on why we believe flights are safer with Dispatchers, & would the commuter airlines be safer with Dispatch. After the ADF presentation, the following quotes were made:

Congressman James Oberstar, Dispatchers should be S.O.P., Standard Operating Procedure."

Capt. J. Babbit, President of ALPA, "Flight Dispatch is not required for Part 135 operation. This is a SIGNIFICANT omission that can affect safety."

Congressman Mineta, Chairman of the Committee, "Dispatch! Isn't that the difference? Part 121 has it & 135 doesn't. Why don't we require
Dispatchers for Part 135 Operations?"

RTCA Director, Hal Moses stated "the aircraft dispatcher is a vital
component in the triad of safety..."

Ms. Katherine Hakala, FAA Special Assistant stated that "Because of Airline Dispatchers Federation, the role of the Aircraft Dispatcher has been proven a critical link in air safety".

Harold Johnson, FAA Regional Dispatch Resource stated, "Dispatchers have the ability to shortstop the accident trend and rewrite the Aviation Accident story. History will write your contributions as the unsung hero's of the aviation community".

Jim Pierce, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of RTCA stated "Free Flight will use information technology to link controllers, pilots, airline dispatch centers and airports in the collaborative management of flight planning and operations.