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January 2010 VOR Quiz

VOR Quiz

January 2010 VOR Trivia Quiz 

Contest submitted by: Phil Brooks

photo courtesy of Dave Birkley 



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  1. This navaid is located just off the airline-served airport with which it shares a name and identifier.

  2. Its name, although sometimes spelled differently, refers to a type of ecosystem, most commonly found in Africa.


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This month's winners:

answer: Savannah, Ga (SAV)

 Timothy Smith - AirTran Airways

Bill Allen - UPS

Jim Schramm - Northwest Airlines

Ed Pataky - ExpressJet

Chris Dau - Aloha Air Cargo

Jim Barrett - Airborne Inc.

Amar Murthy -

Joe Stepansky -

Rob Mathews - Republic Airlines

Mark Brunner - 

Roland Mahaffey - FedEx

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