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January 2011 VOR Quiz

VOR Quiz

January 2011VOR Trivia Quiz 

Contest submitted by: Phil Brooks

Photo: Dave Birkley 




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  1. This navaid is located near an airport in the U.S. which shares the same name and identifier. The nearby city, which also has the same name, is the smallest city in the U.S. with nonstop service to Europe, albeit seasonal.

  2. That airport has three types of runways.

  3. The four-engined aircraft in the picture has something in common with the person who comes up with these VOR trivia quizzes!


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This month's winners:

answer: Fairbanks (FAI)

Jim Hanson - Cape Air

Brian Peterson -

Bill Allen - UPS

Dawn Stone - 

Daniel Moses - ZBW

Scott Allen - PSA Airlines

Chris Dau - Aloha Air Cargo

Joe Stepansky -

Kyle Rugg - Continental

Greg Lesniak - Sun Country

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