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October_09 VOR Quiz

VOR Quiz

October 2009 VOR Trivia Quiz 

Contest submitted by: Phil Brooks

photo courtesy of Robert Trader 



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  1. This month's VOR is on an Arrival Procedure to a major U.S. East Coast hub airport.

  2. It's near a river, but part of its name refers to a collection of trees.

  3. The nearby town by the same name was founded by and named after a Revolutionary War veteran.

  4. Kanye West is probably not welcome here, because of something he did recently.


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This month's winners:

answer: Selinsgrove (SEG)

 Warren Schroeder - Myers Coach Lines

Roland Mahaffey - FedEx

Pete Crawford - Rolls-Royce

Chris Dau - Aloha Air Cargo

Walter Wilson -

Joe Stepansky -

Don Griffin - Delta Airlines

James Vaughan - Delta Airlines

Derrick Barksdale -

Jim Schramm - Northwest Airlines

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