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Hello, and welcome to “Phil’s Jumpseat Corner!”

I’m Phil Brooks, ADF’s Jumpseat Coordinator, and I’ve been a licensed Dispatcher since 1992.  I work for United Airlines in Chicago, and also serve as our Union’s Jumpseat Coordinator.  I’ve been using the jumpseat privilege for many years, and have a wealth of knowledge on procedures.  But I can’t know everything about every airline, so that’s where you come in:  ADF members who Dispatch for U.S. airlines.  If you have any information about changes to your airline’s procedures to share with the membership, this will be a forum for that.  But this site will also be helpful for people working for airlines who do not have a Dispatch Jumpseat Coordinator to handle questions.  I will be posting listing procedures and other details for most U.S. airlines, from a Dispatcher’s perspective.  See the drop down menu for the airlines that I have posted.

It's important to verify that your employer has a reciprocal jumpseat agreement with the airline with which you intend to travel, and that it includes Dispatchers.

Some basic jumpseat procedures that apply to call airlines:  Always wear at least “Business Casual” attire, and be gracious and polite.  Have your airline ID ready to present, as well as your Passport, although not all airlines require a Passport for domestic jumpseat travel.  And, show up at the gate an hour before departure if you can!

If you work for an airline that is not listed, please contact me with information on procedures for offline jumpseaters to ride on your airline’s jumpseats.  And if you have any comments or corrections, I’d like to hear them!

Now, some rules:

This area of the site is for ADF members only.
No airline’s proprietary information will be posted.
No hostile discussion will be tolerated.

I’m also looking for “PIREPS” on experiences you have had- good or bad.

If you don’t want your email posted, or want any information edited out, please advise me.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!