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023 Scholarship Recipients:

Please congratulate the following recipients of the ADF 2023 Scholarships:

A big thank you too Jeppesen, North American Dispatch, and Technical Aviation Services (TAS) dispatch schools for making these possible.

David Johnson - Jeppesen Scholarship Winnter

David Johnson

Hi my name is David Johnson. Born and raised in Houston Texas. I am a senior at Texas Southern University, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Science Management. I’ve been working in the aviation industry for nine years. Currently, I work as an Operations Agent for Southwest Airlines at the Houston Hobby Airport. I am honored and so grateful to be the recipient of the Jepson scholarship.

Ruth Calix - North American Dispatch Scholarship Winner!
Ruth Calix

Hi! I’m Ruth Calix, a Latina grad student and aviation enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. I graduated this past May with a bachelor’s in Aviation Management and am set to graduate with my master’s in Aviation this upcoming winter. I have interned for two airlines, Delta and Southwest, as well as the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Through all my internships, I was able to shadow dispatchers and learn about their crucial roles in flight operations. As a proud recipient of the North American Flight Control Scholarship, I cannot wait to embark on my journey to receive my own dispatch license!

Napoleon Lucas Medina - Technical Aviations Services (TAS) 



Airline Dispatchers Federation
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September 11, 2023

Via email transmission

FAA Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20591

Re: ADF Supports holding Part 135 Public Charter Operations to the Highest Single
Level of Safety provided under Part 121 Regulations

Dear Administrator:

Recently, the FAA announced they intend to close a loophole that undermines the highest single level of safety and security in the aviation industry. This business model, which has grown over the last decade or so, has allowed some operators to skirt the rules and regulations of the established policies and procedures that have kept our skies safe. These operators sell tickets to the flying public who have no idea they are not operating under the same safety regulations as those carriers they traditionally travel with. These passengers do not understand that these pilots do not have the equivalent experience and number of hours or have exceeded the age limit required by Part 121 carriers. In fact, these operators are the training ground for pilots to gain those hours and experience required to apply with a Part 121 carrier.

Every day, thousands of scheduled commercial flights are operated under the watchful eye of an aircraft dispatcher, the only other person empowered by Federal Aviation Regulations to exercise joint operational control with the captain of each flight. Aircraft dispatchers, along with the many other aviation professionals, play an integral role contributing to the outstanding aviation safety record our country enjoys. Again, the flying public is unaware that the highest level of safety is not required of these charter operators.

The Airline Dispatchers Federation (ADF) applauds the action taken by this Administration to close this loophole and bring these aircraft operations up to the standards that have proved effective. It is imperative that we continue adhering to a single level of safety first and foremost in all we do, regardless of the size of the aircraft, number of passengers or the size of the airport being served. ADF looks forward to working with this Administration and our fellow aviation professionals to continue protecting the single level of safety standard that has been established to ensure and protect safe air travel into the future.

 Catherine Jackson
President, Airline Dispatchers Federation

 Email: Telephone: 410-507-0151

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The Airline Dispatchers Federation is the only organization in the United States representing the professional interests of the Dispatch profession. ADF's constituency consists of licensed aircraft dispatchers and operational control professionals from aerospace companies, regional and cargo carriers, and every major U.S. airline. ADF's membership as of January 2020 stood at 2,154 members. The vast majority of airline passengers traveling each day in the United States, do so under the watchful eye of ADF members.