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Scott is an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector for Aircraft Dispatch (FAA ASI-AD) since 2009, and currently assigned to the newly realigned Headquarters AFS-210 Air Carrier Technical Operations Branch. Previously, Scott was the Southern Region technical resource for dispatch matters that included: Part 65 course operators, designated aircraft dispatch examiners and all 121 carriers that included world-wide cargo and passenger operations, regional carriers, as well as unique carriers that operate 121 VFR only seaplanes.  Additionally, Scott is one of the instructors for newly hired FAA dispatch inspectors at the FAA academy in OKC, as well as an appointed FAA OJT instructor.

Prior to the FAA, Scott was the Training and Standards Manager (as well as a qualified dispatcher), for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA), from 1996 to 2009. He also served as an ADF delegate for ASA.  He participated with NASA on advanced weather systems, and CRM, related to dispatch.  Additionally, he holds a Commercial Pilot with instrument rating, and Aircraft Dispatcher certificate.

Scott also is retired from the US Air Force/Air National Guard where he served nearly 29 years.  He was a combat survival instructor who worked with tactical fighter aircraft, as well as special operations.  He also serves as the Mayor Pro Tem – City Councilman in his community, and was recently reelected for another 4 years.  His wife of 34 years, Gloria and 3 grown children reside in the Atlanta, GA area.