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April 2010 Vor Quiz

VOR Quiz

April 2010 VOR Trivia Quiz 

Contest submitted by: Phil Brooks 



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  1. This navaid is on an island in the Pacific, the site of a major WWII battle.

  2. It's located on a major airport. Until recently, ATC Approach Control was conducted by the United States Air Force (from another airfield), but the island itself is no longer under U.S. control.

  3. From the end of WWII until 1978, people here drove their cars on the right side of the street.


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This month's winners:

answer: Naha, Okinawa (NHC)

Matthew Cramer - Air Wisconsin

Andrew Cass - Air Wisconsin

Pete Crawford -

Joe Stepansky -

Timothy Smith - AirTran

Amanda Hubbard -

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