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023 Scholarship Recipients:

Please congratulate the following recipients of the ADF 2023 Scholarships:

A big thank you too Jeppesen, North American Dispatch, and Technical Aviation Services (TAS) dispatch schools for making these possible.

David Johnson - Jeppesen 


Ruth Calix - North American Dispatch Scholarship Winner!
Ruth Calix

Hi! I’m Ruth Calix, a Latina grad student and aviation enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. I graduated this past May with a bachelor’s in Aviation Management and am set to graduate with my master’s in Aviation this upcoming winter. I have interned for two airlines, Delta and Southwest, as well as the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Through all my internships, I was able to shadow dispatchers and learn about their crucial roles in flight operations. As a proud recipient of the North American Flight Control Scholarship, I cannot wait to embark on my journey to receive my own dispatch license!

Napoleon Lucas Medina - Technical Aviations Services (TAS) 



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