Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.
This Navaid is a high altitude VOR, located in the Continental United States.  

It’s named after a nearby unincorporated community,
whose name contains a food item.  
Buddhism is practiced there (in the community, not at the VOR).

It’s 16.7 miles northeast of a large airline-served airport,
and 25.6 miles northeast of an airport mostly served by cargo operators.

It has the same name as a city in another state,
which is the headquarters of an airline.

thumb March 2023

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correct answers:

Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
Ed Pataky
Tom Norwood
Marvin Hood - United Airlines
John Barry
Mike Vane
Ben Hause - American Airlines
Brian K. Brown - Southwest Airlines
Adam Schweber - United Airlines

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the answer is Appleton (APE), near Columbus, Ohio. 

Thanks again to Jim "JET" Thompson for driving me here from Bolton Field (KTZR)!